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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

planet.foss.in : where the geeks hang out

Planet.foss.in is a place where you can find a lot of blogs by Indian (and some not-so-Indian) techies brought together on one platform. Interesting to see what they're talking about.

Vikranth Aivalli is talking about the merits of the Wind(bl)ows Starter edition, priced Rs 399 per *month*. And Vikranth isn't impressed. Gopal V has a review of his first year at Yahoo! Says he: "I've truly enjoyed working on it - it's been a fun experience to just jump in and fixing it up for php5."

It usually takes time to understand what this young man called Philip Tellis is talking about. Our Gujarati friend Kartik Mistry has recently got married, and a blog on his post takes us to the GujaratLexicon.com. But that's only the start...

A great way of networking people by bringing their blogs all on one page. I recall Malaysian friends saying a similar strategy had actually kickstarted Malaysia's FLOSS movement, after a lull.


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