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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Notes from Sri Lanka

Anuradha Ratnaweera informs that the Linux.Lk and LUG.lk groups have
been advocating GNU/Linux and Free / Open Source Software since 1998. Recently, they have started working closely with the tux group of Narada Center
Says Anuradha: "Check here to see what we have been doing."
Lanka Software Foundation is another organization which is also promoting FOSS development in Sri Lanka. Anuradha informs that right now, they have a dedicated server on which they run the above web site and "many extremely active mailing lists". They would like to contribute news items to the relevent events and localization and news
sections of international networks, like IOSN.net. When broached with the subject of building 'partner uder groups', he replied: "I am sure LK-LUGgers are willing to become a partner LUG. Shall I write to advocacy at lug.lk on this?"
Click Anuradha's page to know more about him.


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